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Aromatic  Blends
Big Dipper
A scoop of vanilla sprinkled with a touch of chocolate, this blend is well suited for everyday and occasional smokers alike.
Ingredients: A golden Cavendish blend with Burley and black Cavendish

Crushed White Burley
Savory and leafy with a hint of sweetness, the subtle note of licorice in this blend sits lightly on the palette.

Ingredients: Cube-cut burley and licorice Cavendish

Karen Club
A rich smooth; honey and chocolate cookie; that tastes as smooth as it smells.
Ingredients: Dark, rich Burley and Cavendish

Par Shooter
Creamy caramel swirled with a soothing vanilla, this smoke is smooth and sweet-tooth satisfying.

Ingredients: Burleys and black Cavendish

House of Uhle
A classic Northwood's treat, this pairing of maple and vanilla is perfect for breakfast and dessert alike.

Ingredients: Two types of Cavendish

Blend X
The definition of a dessert tobacco, this is a great after-dinner cordial.
Ingredients: Dark Cavendish and burley

B&J’s Cavendish
A bowl of fresh picked raspberries and cherries, this refreshing blend offers the smoker a taste of berries all year-round.
Ingredients: Fruit Cavendish with a dash of Black Cavendish

Hunt Club
Light bodied lemony Virginia Blend with zesty Perique in the background.
Ingredients: Ribbon Virginia and Perique.

Marquette Blend
A chocolate truffle rolled in sugar, this blend is an enjoyably indulgent dessert for any time of day.
Ingredients: Burley and Virginia

Pride O’ Wisconsin
Woodsy and clean, a touch of peach brandy adds a mellow note to this blend.
Ingredients: Virginias and Burley.

White Cavendish
A delightfully simple treat of Cavendish kissed with bourbon.
Ingredients: Straight Cavendish

Christmas Blend 2011
A Baked Custard with a sprinkling of Raisins. Rich, Sweet, and Easy Smoking.
Ingredients: pressed Cavendish and Black Cavendish.

Black Stoker
A smooth and creamy spoonful of rich, buttery sugar, this best-seller is a luxurious dessert.
Ingredients: Black Cavendish and Burley.

Irish Aromatic
Clean with savory note, this blend is reminiscent of a mellow Irish Cream, but don’t serve this one over ice.
Ingredients: Flavored Cavendish with a small bit of black Cavendish

Old Shoe
With a subtle splash of whiskey, this blend is “as comfortable as an old shoe”.
Ingredients: Flavored burley with a pinch of sweet Cavendish

Raider Blend
This project, created in honor of a local Smoking Club, is a spicy twist on a classic dessert: cherry pie with a tang.
Ingredients: Cherry Cavendish with a “spec” of Latakia

Wild Cherry
Revisit your favorite penny candies with this bright and simple cherry-candy blend.
Ingredients: Cherry tobacco with Virginia

Non Aromatic Blends
​​Blend 255
Slow-burning, this lighter aromatic smokes earthy with a subtle hint of licorice.

Ingredients: Cube-cut burley with Cavendish.

Golden Shag
Savory and smooth, the richness of the Perique and Turkish tobaccos is offset by a subtle sweetness.

Ingredients: Close to Bishop’s Move, but with a bit less Latakia

Blend 44
The natural sweetness of Virginia mingles great with the even-burning, woodsy Burley.

Ingredients: Virginias and Burley.

Blend 232
Nutty with a hint of sweet leaf, this is a smoke of great balance and presence.

Ingredients: Virginia, Perique, and Latakia.

Blend 300
A graham cracker drizzled with honey, this is the perfect blend for a Burley lover looking for a smidge of sweetness.

Ingredients: Cube-cut and ribbon Burley with black Cavendish.

Perfection Plug Burley
Sweet and nutty this Burley duo offers an honest tobacco taste in a pleasant smoke.

Ingredients: Cube-cut and ribbon Burley.

Blend 71
A classic medium blend, boasting the flavors of a medium-well done steak, this blend is the Uhle’s patriarch of English blends. A solid blend to sink your pipe into.

Ingredients: Latakia, Perique, Turkish and Burley.

Bishop’s Move
Rich, smoky and meaty, Bishop’s Move offers a satisfying endeavor into traditional English blends.

Ingredients: Virginia, Latakia, Perique, and Burley.

Blend 00
Leafy and unflavored, this blend is great for a simple smoke or at-home blending.

Ingredients: Straight, pure ribbon burley.

Blend 114
Akin to a hearty & smoky charcoal-grilled burger, this main course smoke is particularly enjoyable at the end of a day or in brisk weather.

Ingredients: Latakia, Perique, Turkish and Virginia

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